Low Poly City Pack 3D Model

Download Low Poly 3D Models and Game Ready Assets

Present to you the low poly city pack which contains of: 17 unique buildings, 9 cars, 5 types of trees and much more. All models was created in modern style with acute forms and has level of detail like a real city. It was important to create a huge package of models and be able to change them for the better visualization of our customers ideas. We spent about 4 months to finish a whole idea. This city is perfect for explainer video.
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The model comes in a range of formats that will easily import to all major 3D software packages.

Top view

Low Poly City download 3D model


And much more street Elements Included

3D Formats

⦁ .max (3Ds Max),
⦁ .c4d (cinema 4d),
⦁ .mb (Maya),
⦁ .blend (Blender),
⦁ .fbx (multi format),
⦁ .obj (multi format)

Features of Low Poly City Pack 3D Model

⦁  Model are optimized for easy import into any existing project
⦁  No special plugin needed to open scene
⦁  All materials have their titles
⦁  Correct and simple mesh
⦁  Very easy to change
⦁  Clear hierarchy of models
⦁  Model are ready for animation


⦁ Very simple settings for rendering scenes. there’s No plug-ins. I used Physical Sky.
⦁ The materials are gathered in layers.
⦁ More options for change. You can replace trees for example.

What included in model


⦁ Donut cafe City Block
⦁ Cinema City Block
⦁ Cocktail cafe Block
⦁ Burger cafe and Bank City Block
⦁ Office City Block
⦁ Supermarket City Block
⦁ Football Field City Block
⦁ Fashion store City Block
⦁ Hotel City Block
⦁ Park/ square City Block


⦁ Four Family cars
⦁ Muscle and Racing car
⦁ Bus
⦁ Truck


⦁ Low poly Cinema building
⦁ Low poly Hotel building
⦁ Low poly Office building
⦁ Low poly Store building
⦁ Low poly Supermarket building
⦁ Low poly Bank building
⦁ Low poly Cocktail Cafe building
⦁ Low poly Burger Cafe building
⦁ Low poly Donuts Cafe building
⦁ Two Building Packs (6 in total)

And much more: shrubs, trees, flowerbeds, trashcans, streetlights, traffic light, pot with flowers, fire hydrant, banners.


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  • Nicola Mailzar
    April 19, 2017

    Quality assets! Thank you, also support answered me only after 3 hours. I think you should reduce this time

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