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Cartoon rocket launch system low poly 3D model

Low Poly Lab

We are like a team that launches the rocket into space. But our rocket is a service for our customers. Low Poly Lab is a digital store where you can buy 3D models for your CG projects.Our main task is to create high-quality 3D models with a good price

After 3 years of working with different marketplaces we created real laboratory where we analyze and develop 3D models that we like and at the same time with an excellent result in sales.

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We sell our Low Poly 3D models in different markets, but be sure only in this website, we set the lowest prices, and every week provide new sales and discounts for our customers. You can visit our profiles in different marketplace and check out customer reviews and our work history.


3D Ocean

Here we start our exploring. Our best profile on 3DOcean.



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Our youngest profile with 3D models from all marketplaces.

What Our Buyers Say

We have collected a lot of feedback on our profiles in different marketplaces and websites. It is very important for us to receive feedback from you, as this helps us to improve our service.Here is some of the feedback that we have received.

Positive feedbacks: 95%
Solved support requests: 99%
Completed projects: 99%
Satisfied customers: 99%

A few feedback’s about our Products from Buyers:

Great stuff, thanks for the excellent service by providing a sample model!
I would have loved to have all items individually packed in seperate files. As I did not need the city itself I had to manually extract each item.

Low Poly City Pack | Buyer
3d ocean

Quality assets! Thank you, also support answered me only after 3 hours. I think you should reduce this time.

Nicola Mailzar
Low Poly City Pack | Buyer
Low Poly Lab

Really great pack, very happy 🙂.

Anthony Couchman
Low Poly Racing Car Set | Buyer
Low Poly Lab

I bought this product. All is well, but you should provide not only 1 file with 3 trucks but also each truck in separate file.

Igor Grigster
Low Poly Bus Truck Lorry Pack | Buyer
Low Poly Lab

Thank you. I love this style! Support service also good.

Azman Neofren
Low Poly Office Building | Buyer
Low Poly Lab

Good quality models, and a great customer support system. After the purchase, I found a problem with the normals. During the day, the author all fixed and sent me model.

Sujanya Lindsay
Sujanya Lindsay
Low Poly Building | Buyer
3D Ocean

Our Service

We can develop custom assets for you
Create low poly 3d models

Our Laboratory

If you need new 3D assets for your project, we can create any of them for you. After three years of development in the 3D sphere, you can be sure that we will do exactly what you need with the best quality. We offer the lowest prices on the market, because we have a digital store.We can not wait to do something new for you!Feel free to write and ask any questions, project evaluation and consultation absolutely for free

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